How to Clean Your Cork Yoga Mat

One of the most popular and ever-growing types of yoga mats are the Cork Yoga mats – these mats are much loved for being eco-friendly and safe to use. Cork yoga mats not only are eco-friendly but also can come in some very impressive designs as well making them unique and sellable. Now, if you already own a cork yoga mat, today we are thrilled to share some tips on how to clean and take care of your cork yoga mats. The cleaning process could be a bit different from the normal rubber or standard yoga mats.

Start with a clean damp cloth – Take a damp cloth and wipe it away on the surface of the mat. This step is so important because it wipes away any residue on the surface of the mat like sweat, body oil, dust, or other particles from storage. This gentle wipe across the surface of the cork yoga mat will get you through the first cleaning step.

Spray very mild detergent – This step is a closer clean and to be done if you feel the mat has been used a bit and might require a bit of refreshing. What you need to take care of here is to ensure the detergent spray used here is super mild (find yoga mat cleaning spray). Take care not to overuse the spay as well – keep it to a minimum and just enough to breeze over the surface.

Use a very soft brush to clean any dirt etc if needed – This is an optional step, only if your mat has spots or any visible stains that may need some additional love and cleaning. Find a very mild brush to use here. Cork yoga mat surfaces are delicate so if you do it hard or with a stiff brush, you may end up damaging the cork surface.

Again, wipe down the surface with a wet towel – Once the detergent business is done, do not wait long or let it dry out. Immediately use a clean but fairly damp cloth to wipe out the surface of any detergent or residue. Once this residue and soap are fully removed after one or two rounds of gentle wiping. You are now ready to dry the mat.

Finally, air-dry the mat surface with cork side up – It is preferable not to use any force drying on the cork surface. This is to ensure that the surface is not damaged. The best method of drying is simple air drying. Leave it at a safe airy place where it can self dry and once sure that it’s dried, you can roll it up with the cork side outside. If you have a good yoga mat bag – keep it stored in that when dry to ensure it is protected from moisture, dust, or dirt long term.

Why Cleaning your Cork Yoga Mat is important?

Its often ignored that yoga mats are the soaking surface for all our exercise routines and hard work – meaning, it is also the landing plate for all sweat, body oils, etc. When this is coupled with moisture, dust, and outside exposure – it could become an unhealthy combination. Also, all we yoga lovers agree that yoga practice is such a pleasurable and enjoyable experience to make it even a positive sensory experience. We highly recommend making it a ritual and practice to clean and care for your yoga mat and accessories regularly. If you are interested to check out and find the best cork yoga mats in Australia – view the collection here.