Best Cork Yoga Mats Australia

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Are you looking to purchase a quality yet reasonably priced cork yoga mat in Australia? Well, below are the carefully curated list of cork material-made yoga mats at reasonable pricing from various sources. All mats listed here are made of the best cork material and confirmed to be HIGHLY reviewed and purchased across Australia.

How to choose and find the best Cork yoga mat?

Recently, ground-breaking research has found that traditional yoga mats – vinyl and rubber – carry pools of germs, as Dr.Lahita proclaims, “A yoga mat is a perfect incubator for… skin infections.” As an immediate health concern, brand-new qualities of yoga mats have been manufactured in order to combat infections; one quality that has been prominently featured as health-risk free is cork. Cork yoga mats are one of the latest innovations in production as they carry various health and green benefits. So, if you’re a yogi looking to move onto a healthier lifestyle, look no further as our guide will help you in choosing the healthiest yoga mats available.

Make Sure It’s Eco-Friendly Material
Firstly, make sure that the cork yoga mat is not synthetic but natural. One of the greatest benefits of natural cork is that it’s completely biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable. Grown on the Cork Oak Tree, it is innocuously harvested and turned into eco-friendly products, namely yoga mats. It’s been veered by yogis that practicing on natural mats has actually connected them closer to nature, which in turn has helped them become spiritually elated. Amazingly, cork’s recyclability has also been veered to go hand in hand with yoga’s philosophy: harmony – cork is not to be separated but reintegrated.

Look for the Anti-Bacterial Material
Another fantastic benefit of natural cork is that it’s antimicrobial. The antimicrobial properties found in natural cork inhibits – bacteria, mold, and fungi – growth as well as remove the foul odor. In an experiment that has been conducted by NCBI, they have found that ~100% of bacteria on cork has withered away after being 90 minutes on the yoga mat. As a result, the need to constantly clean and purify your mats, after a yoga session, is but a dream as the cork yoga mat naturally does it for you. 

Cork Yoga Mats – Recommended by Yoga Instructors
Any product without the opinions and reviews of experts would prove to be imperfect, so that’s why yoga instructors Kate Kendall, Bianca Cheah, and Andrea Kovsun tested out the cork yoga mats to give their feedback. Collectively, they all agreed that natural cork was an excellent quality to practice yoga on as, “The cork felt great under our hands and feet.” In the end, each instructor has highly recommended every yoga enthusiast buy at least one cork yoga mat.

By using our guide, you will have gained a better understanding of not only the superior type of yoga mat but what to look for when buying a cork yoga mat. Such topics covered were the type of material, benefits, brands, and prices that you must be looking for when buying a cork yoga mat as these standards truly define whichever cork mat is healthiest. Not only that, cork yoga mats are eco-friendly and antimicrobial, which is a win-win situation for both you and the environment. So now it’s time to throw out the old and bring in the new with the all-new, innovative cork yoga mats.