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Welcome to The Australian Yoga Mat Store Online – the one stop shop for all types of yoga mats online at great prices. We stock affordable yoga mats ranging from cheap, affordable yet high quality yoga mats to premium range of Yoga Mats for Australians.

Its always great to have the right quality, sized Yoga Mat for anyone who is practicing Yoga on a daily basis. At the Yoga Mat Store we offer several varieties of Yoga Mats including the traditional Yoga mats, Jute Yoga mats, Anti Slip Yoga mats, Eco Friendly Yoga mats, thick and thin Yoga mats, you name it – we have it! All of our recommended Yoga Mats measure 60cm in width and 180cm in length ensuring you have the right size and space to practice yoga.

Our Premium Range of Quality Yoga Mats

We recommend the best range of cheap yet quality Yoga Mats range in thickness from 3.4mm to 6.5mm and are made of eco friendly, quality, natural rubber ensuring it to be an integral part of the nature like you, yoga and all the other gifted wonders of this nature. The range of premium mats are trendy, colourful, stylish and comfortable mats offering the right grip, style and form factor for the perfect yoga session. Also, most of our Yoga mats are themed to match your taste, even though we have plain and single coloured yoga mats, our range also features custom printed yoga mats with messages of love and energy. So look no further to buy yoga mats online – head to the Shop section to start buying your yoga mat!

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Get online today and view the recommended range of Yoga mats to buy the one of your choice and we are sure you will enjoy both the mat and the awesome shopping experience! We are in the process of updating our Yoga Mat Store online with our latest range of products so stay tuned and buy online for the best yoga mats available in Australia online.

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