Affiliate Disclosure

About Us
YogaMatStore is a carefully crafted collection of the best yoga mats and yoga accessories from across Australia. Our aim is to help our readers find out the best yoga mats available to buy across Australia at the best value. Also, our products are often updated with offers, latest designs, brands etc.

Our Affiliate Disclosure – what you should know
When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This helps us to keep this website reader-supported and free from annoying display ads etc.

How do we make money?
The main revenue source that supports this website is “affiliate income”. Basically, it means if we feature or recommend a product and someone clicks on the link to then purchase the product from Amazon or eBay, we may get a small commission of the sale proceeds.

Our Review & Recommendation process
We perform extensive research online (google reviews, customer reviews, product reviews, amazon reviews, word of mouth, etc.) and use the overall information gathered, informed shared on public review sites, and suggest the best places, experiences, or things to our readers.

We try to skip mentioning something we feel is average thereby saving time for our readers. We also use our several years of experience in reading reviews to curate this list. These recommendations are based on our judgment and opinions. In some cases, these may include affiliate referral links that bring us some income to sustain and continue to maintain this website.