Best Yoga YouTubers to Learn From

While seasoned yogis may be comfortable practicing on their own, beginners or those who want to add variety to their chosen style may opt to have someone to guide them.  

Loads of resources are available, but the most accessible, convenient, and free option is Youtube!  With millions of yoga videos on the streaming platform,  which guru or channel should you choose? 

We’ve done the hard work for you and collated this list of some of the best YouTubers to learn yoga online.

Adriene Mishler

Youtube Channel:Yoga With Adriene
Subscribers: 11.3 Million
Channel Creation Date:August 31, 2012

Yoga with Adriene, is a global community of 11 million subscribers, with more than 1 billion total video views… and still counting!

Adriene has no-frills and down-to-earth yoga workouts for different demographics or situations. It can be a quick 10-minute morning session or category-specific yoga workouts for those doing manual labour, runners, golf players, nurses, climbers and more. 

Adriene also has workouts touching on a person’s emotional state, like those dealing with PTSD, social anxiety, grief, and more! Also, check out her quirky episodes like Yoga for When You Feel Dead Inside or Yoga for Zombies.

Her channel’s most popular video is her Yoga For Complete Beginners – 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout! from November 2013. The views on this video? A staggering 46 million views, as of writing! 

Boho Beautiful Yoga

Youtube Channel:Boho Beautiful Yoga
Subscribers: 2.54 Million
Channel Creation Date:October 21, 2014

Created by digital yoga nomads, Juliana and Mark Spicoluk, Boho Beautiful’s content is all about fitness, yoga, pilates, vegan food, and meditations, as well as blogs or podcasts for conscious and mindful living. 

Boho Beautiful Yoga’s videos are aesthetically pleasing and calming, with nature scenes as their backdrop.  With classes of various lengths ranging from 5 minutes to about an hour-long, they feature yoga workouts catering to beginners or intermediate learners.   Juliana and Mark also curated sequences with specific purposes – like prenatal yoga, fitness challenges, and meditation journeys. 

Their channel’s most popular video is their Strength and Stretch Morning Yoga Workout video from 2015, which currently has about 26 million views.

Sarah Beth Yoga

Youtube Channel:SarahBethYoga
Subscribers: 1.57 Million
Channel Creation Date:September 1, 2010

Sarah Beth is a wife, mother of 2, and a business owner.  She also has a background as a chiropractic assistant, which is quite valuable in her workouts.  

She has banked on her 12 years of yoga teaching experience in creating her content. Sarah Beth has workouts ranging from 5 to 30 minutes, with different focuses like stress relief, flexibility, stretches, and even prenatal and postnatal yoga. 

Sarah Beth advocates consistent daily practice, even if it’s only a 5-minute yoga workout.  She also curated a playlist for a 30-day yoga challenge.  

Her most popular video, 10-minute Morning Yoga for Beginners, posted in February 2017, has currently amassed 24 million views! 

Kassandra Reinhardt

Youtube Channel:Yoga with Kassandra
Subscribers: 2.05 Million
Channel Creation Date:April 22, 2013

Kassandra started her online yoga instructor career in 2014 to supplement her income as a government employee in Ottawa, Canada. 

She was a one-woman team, shooting, editing, and publishing her videos at a rented office space. And three years later, she officially left her day job and focused on being a full-time yogi through the help of her channel. 

Now, she is said to be one of Canada’s top yoga instructors on Youtube, with more than 200 million total video views.  

Kassandra describes her channel as the “#1 resource for free online Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.”  Her goal was simple:  to create accessible, easy-to-follow yoga classes that can be done in the comforts of one’s home.  

Kassandra’s most popular video is her 10-minute Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch routine, which currently has 31 million views.  

Cosmic Kids 

Youtube Channel:Cosmic Kids Yoga
Subscribers: 1.33 Million
Channel Creation Date:April 12, 2012

Cosmic Kids Yoga was established by husband and wife Martin and Jaime Amor to make yoga and mindfulness fun for kids.  Jaime used to entertain children during birthday parties and found that incorporating movements in her routines helped the kids to focus. 

In their videos, Jaime perkily teaches yoga exercises as if she’s reading a storybook!  She uses a different background in every video, depending on the theme and sometimes, Jamie will even don a quirky costume!

The kids can join fun adventures with characters like Squish the Fish, who was their first video; Arnold the Ant, Betsy the Banana, Popcorn the Dolphin, Ruby Broom, and a lot more!  Some videos feature popular characters and stories like Trolls, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Minecraft, Moana and Frozen, which unsurprisingly is its most popular video with 20 million views! 

Jessamyn Stanley

Youtube Channel:Jessamyn Stanley
Subscribers: 57.3K
Channel Creation Date:March 14, 2012

Jessamyn Stanley is perceived as a wellness and body positivity icon, especially for plus-sized ladies practising yoga.  She has always been vocal about her journey of having body image issues and how she became comfortable in her own skin, through the help of yoga.  

Her channel has home yoga workouts from way back 7 years ago and includes a 20-day Size Doesn’t Matter and a 28-day Flow for All challenge. She also co-founded The Underbelly Yoga, a digital wellness experience brand where she is an active yoga teacher. 

Jessamy does not back down from any hard pose or stretch; she confidently goes upside-down on a headstand, doing twists and poses that can be challenging even for seasoned yogis! 

Breathe and Flow

Youtube Channel:Breathe and Flow
Subscribers: 508K
Channel Creation Date:April 26, 2017

Breathe and Flow is the brainchild of Bre and Flo Niedhammer. They were former Silicon Valley corporate slaves who left their day jobs to teach yoga around the globe while exploring different cultures. 

Their channel has over 300 free videos – centering on yoga, meditation, travel, nutrition, and lifestyle.  They showcase different types of yoga routines, like Vinyasa, Yin and functional flow yoga, and a lot more, which is an amazing help for both starting and advanced yogis!  Their most popular video is their morning routine yoga workout, with 2.9 million views!

Encouraging everyone and anyone to give yoga a try, Flo has his Yoga For Men Series, which has 21 episodes.  Meanwhile, Bre has her pregnancy yoga workout videos, from prenatal to postnatal.  The couple has also developed yoga programs named Embark, Ignite, Pulse and Expand – catering to a whole range of yogis and yoga enthusiasts.  

Final Thoughts

Finding your perfect match for yoga instructors is not a walk in the park.  It entails looking for one that has the same goals and principles as you have, as well as a pace and style that matches your preference. 

Whether you spice things up with different yoga styles and routines or master one that you like best – what matters most is that you start and make yoga a consistent habit!