Month: December 2015

Hot Yoga Accessories

Before loading-up on various hot yoga gear and accessories, you need a good mat. Is there a difference between a yoga mat and a hot yoga mat? The answer is [...]

5 Must Have Yoga Accessories

5 must have yoga accessories
Yoga Straps or Belts Yoga straps, also called yoga belts, are useful for developing flexibility. They can help beginners to transition into certain poses [...]

How to Find the right Yoga Teacher

finding the right yoga teacher
How to Find the Right Yoga Teacher Owing to the ever increasing popularity of yoga across the globe, many people are wondering how to find the right yoga [...]

Basics of Yoga for Beginners

buy yoga mats online australia banner
Are you looking to jumpstart your Yoga practice? Well, here is an awesome video on the basics of Yoga and Some useful yoga exercises for beginners. In [...]

How to Choose your Yoga Mat

5 must have yoga accessories
Choosing your Yoga mat can be really tricky with so many varieties of Yoga Mats in the market today! Few important aspects you need to consider while choosing [...]