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Welcome to the Yoga Blog, been wanting to start a writer’s corner for the website for some time. Just feel it is NOW (now is all we have, if not now then when?) Hope this space brings more positivity and energy to my readers. Stay present, stay healthy.

  • Best Yoga Mat Brands Australia
    When deciding on yoga mats, the price is usually a good tell but not great. Most range anywhere from $10 to $100, the more expensive comes with better perks and are a better investment as the best can last years. It isn’t great though,
  • Choosing your Yoga Mat based on the type of Yoga Practiced
    With the numerous yoga practices, different yoga mats can prove to heighten the experience. Iyengar is all about balance and alignment, so we recommend a thin and sturdy mat that will not wobble or throw you off. If you practice Iyengar, it may be
  • The Best Yoga Mats Australia
    Many factors come into play when choosing a yoga mat. The yoga practice you undertake, the thickness and material, the brand, the style, all of these determine the comfortability or strenuosity of your experience. All of which we discuss here. Our Pick of the
  • Yoga vs tai chi – the difference and comparison
    Unlike traditional workouts, yoga and tai chi focus on a precise movement which lets your body slowly transition between positions. Both of these practices try coordinating your muscles, heart, mind and bones with the positive energy around you. Even though both of them have
  • Comparing Yoga Vs Pilates – The key differences
    Even though yoga and Pilates may appear to be quite similar from afar, they have a few common poses like plank, cobra, chaturanga, cat/cow, etc., they are not the same. Let us take a look at a few of the reasons why yoga and