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Welcome to the Yoga Blog, been wanting to start a writer’s corner for the website for some time. Just feel it is NOW (now is all we have, if not now then when?) Hope this space brings more positivity and energy to my readers. Stay present, stay healthy.

  • Benefits of Hot Yoga Practice
    Hot Yoga was first developed by Bikram Choudrey who is the founder of ‘The Yoga College’ India and became popular originally in the 1970’s. At the time it was called ‘Bikram Yoga’. ‘Hot Yoga’ is an offshoot of Bikram Yoga which utilises 26 Yoga
  • Tips to Naturally maintain body pH levels
    When you are eating the right food and digesting it properly, the pH balance of your body remains a little alkaline. Unfortunately, most people do not eat right and hence this is not the case. The average diet is full of nutritionally unbalanced meals
  • Benefits of practicing yoga regularly
    Cultivate awareness of body and mind It teaches you to be more self-aware and how your mind is connected with your body. You will learn how to be calm and still. It will not only have a profound effect on your body’s functions but
  • Best Yoga Mat Brands Australia
    When deciding on yoga mats, the price is usually a good tell but not great. Most range anywhere from $10 to $100, the more expensive comes with better perks and are a better investment as the best can last years. It isn’t great though,
  • Choosing your Yoga Mat based on the type of Yoga Practiced
    With the numerous yoga practices, different yoga mats can prove to heighten the experience. Iyengar is all about balance and alignment, so we recommend a thin and sturdy mat that will not wobble or throw you off. If you practice Iyengar, it may be