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Welcome to the Yoga Blog, been wanting to start a writer’s corner for the website for some time. Just feel it is NOW (now is all we have, if not now then when?) Hope this space brings more positivity and energy to my readers. Stay present, stay healthy.

  • Best Yoga Exercise Ball Australia
    Yoga exercise balls, often known as stability balls, have become a staple in both fitness centres and home gyms. They are versatile tools that can enhance your yoga practice by improving flexibility, balance, and core strength. Incorporating a yoga exercise ball into your routine
  • A Guide to Launching Your Yoga Mat Business
    Starting a yoga mat business is an exciting venture that taps into the ever-growing wellness and fitness industry. Yoga enthusiasts are always on the lookout for mats that not only support their physical practice but also reflect their personal values, such as sustainability and
  • Best Beginner Yoga Mats Australia
    Choosing the right yoga mat is a pivotal step for beginners starting their yoga journey, as it significantly influences the comfort, support, and enjoyment of their practice. This expanded guide will delve into the essential features to consider, the impact of these features on
  • Yoga mats made from natural materials
    Yoga, an ancient practice rooted in harmonizing the body and mind, has gained immense popularity worldwide. Essential to this practice is the yoga mat, a symbol of the space where individuals connect with themselves. In recent years, there has been a significant shift towards
  • Better to do Yoga at Home or Studio?
    Yoga newbies or seasoned yogis typically join classes in yoga studios, gyms and fitness clubs. But with the emergence of more convenient options, plus the lockdowns forcing people to stay home, working out from home has become such a viable option.  Here comes the