How to Choose your Yoga Mat

Choosing your Yoga mat can be really tricky with so many varieties of Yoga Mats in the market today! Few important aspects you need to consider while choosing your Yoga Mat are:

  • The Quality of the Yoga Mat
  • The Thickness of the Yoga Mat
  • The Material of the Yoga Mat
  • The Length and Breadth of the Yoga Mat
  • How slippery is the Mat (You can find Anti- Slip mats)
  • How environment friendly is the material
  • The price or cost of buying the Yoga Mat
  • And finally, if the Mat design matches your taste.

Considering all these aspects you can zero down to your Yoga mat. Here is a nice video offering some awesome tips on How to choose your Yoga Mat and what all you need to look for in your new Yoga Mat. Let us know how  you liked this one! Check out our store for different Yoga Mats on Sale!