How to Find the right Yoga Teacher

How to Find the Right Yoga Teacher

finding the right yoga teacherOwing to the ever increasing popularity of yoga across the globe, many people are wondering how to find the right yoga teacher. However, it is important to know that investing your money and time in a teacher dealing in yoga training programs deepens your understanding besides giving you a sense of communication and clarity – an aspect that will organically draw you towards healthier choices.  As it works, there are some simple steps that people use in identifying and/or choosing their yoga teachers. Some of these include:


  • Liaising with friends and relatives
  • Looking up on Google and Yellow pages
  • Looking at Yoga Discussion Forums and Local blogs
  • Making it to the Yoga Centers and judging by atmosphere


Whereas the above tips may be geared towards enabling find an ideal yoga teachers, there are important tips that must be put into consideration in order to get your yoga teacher of choice. They include:

  1. Is the Yoga teacher registered with the RYT (also known as Registered Yoga Teacher).

Yoga alliance is known to be playing an immense role in the yoga environment. Therefore, in a bid to achieve your best training from your yoga teacher, it is imperative to deal with those that are certified by the yoga alliance.

  1. What style of training does your Yoga Teacher Use?

In the event of finding your yoga teacher, it is important to focus on one that best resonates with you. Nonetheless, it is important to see to it that the certificate course you intend to acquire will also enable you become a multipurpose instructor as this will allow you to teach a number of settings.

  1. Is your yoga teacher quite experienced?

Experience of the yoga teacher is a key indicator in the quest for choosing the best yoga teacher. To demonstrate this for instance, inquire to know if your teacher of choice has acquired adequate alignment basics as well as Sanskrit bunch. Also, find out the number of years your yoga teacher has been in service.

  1. What is the testimony of the program graduates?

The graduates who recently graduated can be very fruitful in your quest for the best yoga teacher. The former graduates can be used as the best source of information regarding the training qualities offered by various yoga teachers.

  1. The time to value from the classes you take

Last, but not least, it is important to ask to know the time frame taken by your yoga teacher before you are certified as a graduate. According to the psychology experts, the attention span of a normal adult is averagely forty minutes. To retain and absorb what they are taught therefore, they require shorter learning sessions. Want more? Well, this is an interesting video we found online on the quest for your right yoga teacher..