Best Yoga Mat Brands Australia

best yoga mat brands in Australia

When deciding on yoga mats, the price is usually a good tell but not great. Most range anywhere from $10 to $100, the more expensive comes with better perks and are a better investment as the best can last years. It isn’t great though, because most fall in that ballpark and it’s hard to tell if one yoga mat at $60 is better than another one at $65 from a different brand. That’s why brands are important for yoga mats.

Best Yoga Mat Brands in Australia

Best Overall winner >> Manduka Yoga Mats
Best Designs winner >> Yoga Design Lab Yoga Mats
Great Reviews >> DAWAY Yoga Mats
Best Value for Money >> Gaiam Yoga Mats

It can be hard to pinpoint a brand you like, and some might think it isn’t a big worry, but it is. Manduka, as mentioned before, is highly recommended for their eco-friendly materials like tree rubber being used, and their incredibly long-lasting nature that some say are uncontested in the market. However, there are many criticisms of the stickiness of Manduka mats, saying that it is incredibly hard to clean and remove. Their prices depend on the specific mat, but range between $35 to $149.  

Jade mats are a big competitor to Manduka with, arguably, one of the best eco-friendly yoga mats. Every single mat of theirs is made from a renewable material with absolutely no PVC, EVA (ethylene-vinyl), or synthetic rubber. They lean on the expensive side, ranging from $24.95 to $179, but are very durable.

Search up ‘best yoga mats’ on Google, and Lululemon mats are one of the first to pop up. Lululemon is an athletic apparel brand designed for all kinds of exercise, yoga being featured front and centre. These are not the easiest on the purse, but they make up for it with high-quality, long-lasting materials and mats for all purposes. The materials they use are usually rubber and latex, so those allergic to latex must be careful when picking out a mat. The price of their products don’t quite rival the highest of Jade and Manduka, but the quality sits up with them at $79.99  

Gaiam mats among beginner yogis are incredibly desirable because they provide kits that include everything you will want to start your journey. Their mats come in every type and is affordable, ranging from $29.99 to $79.99. Most Gaiam mats are made of foam or PVC, which are cheap materials but not the most environmentally-friendly. 

Yoga Zeal prides themselves in the fashion of their yoga mats, which do have beautiful designs. They strive to cut down on environmental waste by manufacturing their mats with 99% natural rubber and 1% polyester. Their mats are designed to be both sturdy and soft at affordable prices. Most of their products range between $69.99 and $79.99.